It is New Hope’s most popular gay bar, and soon it will close to become a parking lot for the nearby luxury hotel, which will soon open. However, the closure of the Raven is sort of temporary, as officials say "enhanced versions" of both the Cabana Bar and Oak Room are included in their final visions for the property.

The current operators of the popular Raven Resort took to Facebook on Monday to announce that the venue will be closing on October 14. In the announcement, they say that the area currently area known as the Raven Resort will be used as a parking lot (at least temporarily) for a new luxury hotel, The River House at Odette's.

Back in June, we reported that Gateway to New Hope, LLC, had purchased the property. Gateway to New Hope, LLC is also the developer of the nearby project River House at Odette’s. The River House at Odette's, which is expected to open in the spring, will serve as a luxury boutique hotel with a banquet hotel and lounge.

Gateway to New Hope, LLC confirmed the news via a phone interview 94.5 PST on Tuesday, but they clarified that they have plans to serve the LGBTQ+ community when their property is finished. In fact, they say they say they are working hard to create "enhanced amenities" for guests and visitors.

"The Gateway to New Hope team is passionate about preserving the legacy of this renowned property, and while it will be taking a brief hiatus from its current operations as we work towards final approvals and permits in the development of an enhanced hotel & restaurant/bar experience for Raven guests,"the spokesperson for Gateway to New Hope, Julie Yeager said in a statement issued to 94.5 PST. "

"We know that the next chapter will continue to be welcoming with a friendly & relaxed atmosphere," Yeager says.

Additionally, Gateway to New Hope confirmed to 94.5 PST that the final plans will keep the Raven name. In fact, the final product will include enhancing the experiences that guests currently enjoy at both The Raven’s famous Oak Room and their popular Cabana Bar, Yaeger said during Tuesday's interview.

By the way, if you’re looking to enjoy those experience (as I often did), they say that both will be open to the general public (you won't need to be staying at the resort to enjoy them).

However, The Raven’s last day in its current iteration will be October 13. The Raven’s current management team is encouraging patrons to visit the Raven to relive the memories of the popular bar.

“It has been a pleasure and an honor to serve you all, and we sincerely appreciate your patronage. Please be on the lookout for updates as River House makes progress on new developments,” they wrote.

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