Have you heard of the Bucks County Batman? Believe it or not, Pennsylvania has its very own batman who rides around the streets of Bucks County helping and saving the community. And yes, he does wear a full Batman costume.

I found out about the Bucks County Batman through research on the Philly Joker. I found his Instagram and saw that he has over 60 thousand followers and is even verified. That's how you know he's legit.

I got the chance to personally interview the Bucks County Batman and ask him all about his job as a local hero and celebrity. He told me as the batman of the city, he goes around and does things for the residents. That includes feeding the homeless, visiting sick local kids and even cleaning up around the city.

"Well New York has a Spiderman, so I felt like we needed something over here," Batman said. " But I am a single father of two special needs boys that love superheroes. I love superheroes myself."

I asked him how this went from a thing where he dresses up to actually becoming a local public figure who helps people. Batman said his first public act of service was when he saw a cry for help on social media. "Someone owned a boat yard, and someone kept graffitiing the bridge. So I showed up in my batman suit and I painted the whole bridge." Batman stated.

From that moment on that is when people started falling in love with the Bucks County Batman. He started racking up followers on social media, twitch and even have made national news. Ever since, he has been called here and there around the community for different tasks and duties.

"I'll go around at 3 or 4 in the morning and feed homeless people. I've had sick kids contact me, Batman said. "As long as they're local I can't say no to them. I love kids. And the last biggest thing I did, was showing up at the George Floyd protests."

Something cool to look out for Thursday morning at 9AM. The Bucks County Batman and the Philly Joker will be linking up for a good cause! The two heroes will be in Chinatown raising money for kids with Cancer.

"We're gonna meet up in Chinatown. We are going to try and raise money for kids with cancer. I am gonna chase him around Chinatown," Batman stated.

So if you see Batman and Joker speeding along the streets of Philly on their motorcycles, just know it's for an amazing reason!


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