I don't know about you but pizza became my favorite food even more during this quarantine. While working from home at the beginning of the quarantine ordering pizza just came in clutch any day of the week. Some pizza spots were pretty good and others were just okay.

Now that we are on the topic of good pizza, did you know that in Levittown you can find the best pizza in Bucks County? We are not making this up. DeLorenzo's The Burg made it known on their Facebook page that they are the restaurant with the best pizza in Bucks County.
To make it sound even better, it was stated on DeLorenzo's The Burg’s Facebook page that this is the third year that the restaurant takes the honor of having the "BEST PIZZA IN BUCKS COUNTY.”  Not only that they are also considered “one of the best Italian restaurants." That has to be a proud moment for the restaurant owner.
We all know that it has not been easy for the restaurants in the area, or we should say in the whole country. But those local restaurants that have gotten the support of the community have to be extremely grateful. In the Facebook post created by DeLorenzo's The Burg it stated that they are very grateful of every single customer during these tough time. "We are so grateful for each and every one of you who have supported us throughout these last difficult months.”

According to the Facebook post, Bucks County Courier Times is who named DeLorenzo's The Burg 2020 best pizza in Bucks County.

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