Traffic reporter Bob Kelly does a feature on the Fox 29's Good Day called "Town Takeover."  On the feature, Kelly broadcasts live from towns all over the Delaware Valley and yesterday, Yardley, PA was featured.

Kelly broadcast live from Charcoal BYOB on S. Delaware Ave.  During his breaks, Kelly showed "painted jeans" that he was wearing from a store called Art Gallery Jeans.  Watch the clip:

Yesterday's snow caused schools in the area to be closed, but that didn't stop students from St. Michael the Archangel in Levittown from showing up at Charcoal for the live broadcast.

In fact, the snow was good news and bad news for Yardley.  The positive was that snow in the forecast always increases viewership.  The negative was that the extra coverage surrounding the storm caused some of Kelly's breaks from being cut or shortened.  No worries, though, because Kelly let everyone know on his Facebook page that the segments that were cut would air on tonight's 5pm newscast.

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