A Bucks County woman is the reigning champ on the popular game show Jeopardy!

Did you see the episode last night (Thursday, January 31st)? My mother texted me, alerting me that "someone from the area" was competing (my mom's a faithful watcher).

I quickly turned on ABC and saw Meghan Schulz (from Bristol, PA) answering some pretty tough questions. I watched to keep rooting for her. So I was so happy when she beat the reigning champ. Schulz won $27,190 last night. That's great, right!?

Since she's local you may know Meghan. According to Patch, she's an environmental engineer, working for SEPTA.

If you do know her, give her a high-five from me! She's a smart cookie.

Her final Jeopardy! question last night was about music, so I got excited that I may know the answer too. The category was Female Singers. So I was ready. Hit me with it. "In the 1990s, this New York native had 8 of her first 10 Billboard Top 40 hits reach No. 1." I knew it, and so did Meghan...it was Mariah Carey. (Maybe I should audition for Jeopardy! next?)

If you want to cheer her on, she'll be back on tonight (Friday, February 1st) at 7pm. Jeopardy! airs on ABC (channel 6) weeknights.

Good luck, Meghan!

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