On my way to work this morning, I saw an adult deer cross the street ahead of me, followed by a baby deer.  I worry about hitting deer, but other than that, I actually like seeing them in and around my neighborhood.

I've never really thought that having too many deer around may be an issue, but according to the Burlington County Times, some residents in Eastampton are very concerned about the number of deer that live there.

Some of the issues associated with the large number of deer is superficial, like plants that get eaten and dead carcasses on the side of roads, but others can be more serious.  For example, deer can carry several varieties of ticks, which increases the risk of Lyme disease.

Richard Stevens, an adjunct professor of biology at Rowan College at Burlington County,told the Burlington County Times that as an area gets developed, it forces deer out of their natural habitat and into areas where humans also reside.  He suggests that annoyed residents try "deer-resistant plants or putting up fencing," although he admits that neither of those are full-proof solutions.




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