If you currently own any Japanese barberry, you might want to get rid of it now. The state of Pennsylvania just announced a ban on this plant that is giving people Lyme disease.

If you never heard of Japanese barberry, it is a purple-ish red shrub that is dense and prickly, according to Patch. It is an invasive plant that can spread rather quickly destroying other surrounding plants. They're really pretty. I am pretty sure my parents had this type of plant in their garden while we were growing up. According to Yahoo! News, the plant is also deer resistant which makes them a popular pick in the state of Pennsylvania.

However, as of this month, the plant has been banned in the state of Pennsylvania. According to Patch, over the next two years, the plant will be phased out in stages. During that time any businesses or nurseries that carry and sell the Japanese barberry have to completely get rid of it in their inventory.

The plant is not only harmful to the environment, experts have found, but it also may carry ticks that spread Lyme disease. Lyme disease is an inflammatory illness that causes rashes, headaches, neurological disorders, and more. I have had a friend from high school die from the disease. Also, Justin Bieber is a known celebrity that lives with Lyme disease.

So in order to keep you and your family safe, you might want to rid your home of this plant if you have any. Soon you will not be able to buy them in stores, but until then protect yourself by throwing the plant out.

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