The wait is finally over. Local favorite, Captain Paul's Firehouse Dogs, on Princeton Pike in Lawrence Township, reopened today (Tuesday, March 23rd) after its winter break, for its 12th season. Yay.

News spread fast of the reopening on social media, and with the weather being so nice, the locals showed up in full force to support their favorite being one of them.

If you haven't been to Captain Paul's Firehouse Dogs, it's a must. The hot dog (and more) eatery is dedicated to Emergency Services workers, members of the military, past and present, and all those who volunteer their time to help others. Make sure you check out all of the patches from police and fire departments near and far, military units, and more, hung all over the walls. Emergency workers come from all over to donate their patches to be displayed. It's quite a scene.

The menu items are named after those who work day and night to protect their community. The Thin Red Line is a fried hot dog with hot sauce, ranch, and bacon bits. The Thin Blue Line is a fried hot dog with barbeque sauce, ranch, and bacon bits. The Paramedic is two buffalo chicken tenders, two mozzarella sticks, two meatballs, and blue cheese. The EMT (one of my favorites) is two chicken tenders, two mozzarella sticks, and marinara sauce. The Army Ranger is a fried hot dog, nacho chips, chili, cheese, and Jalapeños. The Delta Force is a fried hot dog, topped with warm cheddar cheese, and bacon bits. Have I tempted you yet?

They have many different types of fries that will make your mouth water. The Swat Team Fries are topped with buffalo sauce and blue cheese. Air Force Fries are sweet potato fries topped with Chipotle sauce. The Coast Guard Fries are topped with warm cheddar cheese and gravy. The FBI Fries are spicy curly fries with garlic sauce on the side. The Special Op Fries are steak fries, barbeque sauce, ranch dressing, topped with bacon bits. Oh, and don't forget to have some funnel cake fries.

Make sure you save room for dessert. Captain Paul's has soft serve ice cream and homemade hard ice cream. They also have sundaes. The B-52 Bomber is your choice of hard ice cream, pineapples and bananas, chocolate syrup, strawberries and bananas, walnuts, and more chocolate syrup. Other sundaes include Brownie, Oreo, Hot Fudge, and "Z"ookie Dough.

Check out the entire menu here. There's so much more to choose from. Stop by and see why my family loves Captain Paul's so much. The spring hours are 11am - 7pm Monday - Friday, 11am - 5pm on Saturdays, and closed on Sundays until after Easter.

Make sure you say hello to owners, Captain Paul and his wife, Janice. They'll treat you like a friend the minute you walk through the door.

Captain Paul's Firehouse Dogs is located at 2230 Princeton Pike, Lawrence Township.

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