Well, this is pretty unique.

The driver who started a three-car crash on a Philadelphia highway jumped out of the sunroof trying to flee the scene BEFORE his car even came to a complete stop. But the story only starts there, and it was all caught on camera.

How was it caught on camera? Oh, well, it happened right outside of the 6ABC studios on Monument Road in Philadelphia (right off City Line Avenue).

It happened on Friday (July 26) around 6:50 pm, 6ABC said. Traffic slowed ahead when the driver of a red Cadillac slammed into the back of a vehicle leading to a chain reaction crash.

Footage from the Philadelphia ABC affiliate shows the driver stumbling to leave the vehicle (losing his flip-flops in the process even).

He is, however, returned to the scene in the back of a state trooper vehicle about 44 minutes later, 6ABC’s Dann Cuellar reported during the network's 11 pm broadcast Tuesday night.

Minor injuries were reported as a result of the crash. State police officers issued a citation to the driver. But in shocking fashion… the driver drove the heavily damaged Cadillac away from the scene.

More details about the accident were not immediately clear.

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