According to TapInto Hamilton/ Robbinsville, Charming Puppy Cuts opened it's doors in the Mercer Woods Shopping Center on April 18th. The Mercer Woods Shopping Center is located on Whitehorse Mercerville Road in Hamilton right across from the Golden Dawn Diner and Rossi's Bar & Grill. The owner Charmin Rodriguez started out as a mobile dog groomer and now has brought her professional skills to the Mercer Woods Shopping Center in Hamilton.

Our very own Chris Rollins had a wonderful experience at Charming Puppy Cuts when she brought her new puppy Maizey there. Chris said her little puppy Maizey loved her stylist Sam. The picture of Maizey is adorable with her little pink bandana and bow. Chris said she had a wonderful experience there.

As a dog owner myself, I know it is very important that you pick the right groomer for your pup. My dog Stella does not like to get her head wet, like ever. I usually give her a shower myself because her ears are sensitive. I am very nervous about her going to a groomer. Plus, she kinda goes a little nutty when she sees other dogs. Charmin has been in business for a while now and she obviously has experience with lots of different kinds of dogs. I read in the Tap Into article that she even has reserved times for private sessions, so that seems great for my Stella girl. Plus, she has the Chris Rollins seal of approval, so I may just give her a call.

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