The Netflix series that has got people talking, “Love Is Blind,” works as a sort of social experiment. Singles looking to find their life partner are set on the show where they get engaged before even seeing each other face to face. The show’s concept may have seemed crazy at first but now that everyone has been experiencing social distancing for over a month it doesn’t feel too far off base.

Virtual video calls, dating apps and no in-person contact is what singles and couples have dealt with to keep each other and those around them safe from the coronavirus. Philadelphia has taken this show’s idea and molded it into a blind date experience that viewers can watch in real time.

According to Billy Penn, the show, “Philly Is Blind,” will take 20 contestants on who encompass the “Philly vibe” and place them on Zoom dates, with video turned off.

The show will continue from there and air this Sunday. According to Billy Penn,  people can pay $8 to join the Facebook group where all of the dates plus the reality TV-style confessionals will be uploaded.

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