Popular local restaurant, Chef Jason at 1275, in Cranbury, has been forced to closed its doors for good.

One of my friends texted me saying she heard a rumor it was closed, so I quickly went to Facebook to see if I could find out any information. Unfortunately, it's true, the restaurant is being forced to move.

Chef Jason Dilts wrote on Facebook: "Is is with my deepest regrets to inform you that due to unforseen circumstances we will be moving. Unfortunately, our landlord has decided to put the property for sale causing us to close our doors at 1275. However, while we are exploring the site of our future location, our dedicated staff will still be offering our quality service and cuisine. We will be offering a variety of options for all your catering needs. Please continue to follow us to stay up to date as we adapt to the current situation."

I've loved Chef Jason's food since he was a chef at Revere Restaurant in Ewing. His Boom Boom Chicken (chicken parmigiana with vodka sauce) is my favorite. Everything he makes is so fresh and delicious. I'm sorry to see him have to close so suddenly.

My friend who told me the news of the closing called the restaurant immediately to see if she could find out where the new location would be (yes, his food is THAT good that she can't be without it for long, lol), and Chef Jason told her he's currently looking all over the Mercer County area for a new spot (he wants to stay in the area) and will let everyone know when he's found a new spot.

In the meantime, he's not gone for good. He'll be offering catering and party packages, prepared in remote locations. Email him for information and to place an order at Chefjason@chefjason1275.com.

Good luck in finding a new place, Jason. Please don't go far. You have so many fans. When you get settled, I'll be in for some Boom Boom Chicken.

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