Oh boy, I've got some good news for you. It sounds like popular local chef, Jason Dilts is opening a new restaurant in Robbinsville. He's back!

I don't have any details except the new eatery will be in the old Shrimp King on Route 130 North.

As I was scrolling on Facebook (which I do way too much. lol) I saw a post in a private group asking what was "Coming Soon" to the old Shrimp King.

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Hmmm. That's been empty for awhile now.  Several commenters said the sign only has a pictures of knives on it.

Some speculated that it would be a sushi or Chinese place but others definitely seemed to know for sure that Chef Jason Dilts would be moving in, making a lot of local very happy.

You see Chef Jason used to be at Chef Jason at 1275 in Cranbury and he had a huge following. One commenter called his food, "Bomb" (that means amazing if you're not up on today's trendy lingo lol).

Chef Jason was forced to abruptly close his doors after his landlord put the building up for sale. Click HERE for more details.

From what I gathered the new restaurant will be opening by mid-November. Seems that Dilts has a business partner with him for this new venture.

If you were lucky enough to dine at Chef Jason 1275 in Cranbury you know Jason's food is fantastic. Now, he'll have a new place to show off his skills.

As soon as I get more details, I will certainly fill you in.

Good luck, Jason.

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