If you feel like tapping into your Italian side, this event is for you.

Although I’m completely aware not everyone from New Jersey fits the Italian, Jersey Shore stereotype that MTV gave us, this still looks like a super fun class to take on a chill night.

Cherry Grove Farm is offering a class where you can make your own mozzarella cheese from scratch. They’re calling it their Mozzarella from Scratch class. You also can make your own Burrata and Ricotta!

Yes, it’s pretty self-explanatory from the title, but this looks like a ton of fun whether you’re into cooking or not. It’s for sure a good party trick or fun fact to tell about yourself that you know how to make your own cheese.

I saw an ad for this class on Facebook and thought this would be very on-brand for me to try and figured that so many other people would want to check this out too.

Based on the ad, Cherry Grove Farm will supply all of the things you need to take the class, all you have to do is buy a ticket. Tickets are available now on their website. This looks like a ton of fun.

Cherry Grove Farm was started back in 2002. Initially, the farm was home to beef cattle, pigs, sheep, and laying hens, but now the farm has shifted its focus to the production of artisanal cheeses with the addition of dairy cattle since 2005, according to their site.

You can take a look at the list of their cheese-making classes as well as other classes offered by the farm on the official Cherry Grove Farm site, here!

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