Are you the type of person that leaves their car unlocked when you park in your driveway?

I triple-check that my car is always locked even if I am in a "nice" neighborhood. Growing up in the hood you never wanted to leave your car unlocked because you probably won't find it when you get back. Besides, my parents would always tell us to triple check the house and car doors to make sure they were locked. So that just became a habit.

Cherry Hill Police recently shared in a Facebook post that the "Department continues to see an increase in thefts from vehicles."

The Cherry Hill Police Department wrote some very simple words that can save you from getting your stuff stolen from inside your vehicle and those words are "LOCK it, or LOSE it."

The Facebook post created by the Cherry Hill Police Department also mentioned that "a vast majority of these thefts are easily avoided." That is very true as well.

Cherry Hill Police Department recommends that all vehicles are parked in a lit parking space or inside a safe garage space if available.

It was also advised that everyone should start a routine. The post explained, "Before you go to bed for the night, create a routine of locking your vehicle, and then locking the exterior doors to your house."

The reason Cherry Hill Police Department encourages everyone to make sure doors are always locked is because "criminals commit their crimes by pulling on car door handles to see if the door is unlocked."

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