Fox News reports that Chipotle is now serving quesadillas. That's right, one of the most popular fast food chains is now serving quesadillas with your choice of chicken, steak ,tofu or veggies. Then of course the quesadilla is stuffed with cheese and everything is all melted together. One of the best parts is that these quesadillas will be made in Chipotle’s new Digital Kitchens and apparently, the quesadillas will be grilled perfectly. The quesadillas will be available starting tomorrow and from tomorrow (March 11th) through March 21st, Chipotle will waive the delivery fee if you order on the app or website.

This is very exciting new, however, these quesadillas may be hard to come by. Basically this is what you have to do in order to get your hands on some.

1. You have to do an online order. Which I don't think will be a problem because almost everyone is doing online ordering right now. It's easy to just download the Chipotle App or order from their website.

2. You have to find a Chipotle Digital Kitchen. Chipotle announced the addition to these digital kitchens back in November, and said they would be popping up all over. I would go to Chipotle's website and put in your zip code or one near by to look for one. Then look and see if the quesadillas come up as an option to order.

I believe more options will be available tomorrow. So check your Chipotle App and their website tomorrow.

I can honestly say, I have never eaten at a Chipotle. I know it is very trendy, and when I tell people I haven't been, they look at me like I have three heads, but it's true. I do feel like I need to go just to get the experience and see what all the hype is about, so maybe soon. I do love quesadillas, so maybe that will be my first purchase? I will put tons of sour cream and Chipotle's famous guacamole on top as well. Have to get the full Chipotle experience.

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