I'm not feeling quite Christmass-y, if that's even a word, right now. July is 6 months away Christmas and the Hallmark Channel is trying to put us in the spirit. This might be something we need, especially in these times.

**Cute little note, my My Mom told me about this movie marathon. Since she can't see her friends, she's so excited because she'll do a three way phone call with her girlfriends and they'll talk about the Christmas movie while it's on. They'll watch together on the phone. See, it's the simple things in life that are just beautiful. And it's not Facetime, just a regular phone. Bless their hearts.***

Hallmark Channel announced this week, they'll run a 17 day Christmas Movie Marathon, according to people.com:

CLICK HERE for the full schedule.

Hallmark Channel Christmas movies help to make life a little simpler. Usually these movies are about coming back to a hometown and falling in love with an old love. Sparks fly again and in the end, there's a happy ending. We all need to feel those good feelings right now, snuggle up in a blanket, maybe a "hot chocolate", in your cool air-conditioned house, and simply enjoy beginning July 10th.



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