Is Pumpkin Spice out? Did you hear me talking about the new, trendy, flavor for the fall in The Scoop this morning?  It's Cinnamon Roll!  Hmmm...I think I like this!  I won't give up Pumpkin Spice, but, there's certainly room for some Cinnamon Roll!  You know that amazing smell when you walk by Cinnabon in the mall...omg...amazing!  You should start to see it popping up in stores soon! yum!  Also, read on Delish that you should see fall stuff in Dunkin Donuts by August 27th. Some of you favorites are back from last year like the Maple-Pecan flavored coffee, the Belgium Waffle Breakfast sandwich, the pumpkin donut, the pumpkin muffin, and the fall donut. New for this season, the Apple Crisp Donut with a sweet apple filling, caramel icing, and crispy oats on top...also, the Maple Cream Cheese spread to put on your bagel!  I'm not ready to let go of summer, but, I am excited about this fall stuff!

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