One of the coolest and most unique ways to workout in New Jersey might be by taking circus training classes at the Circus Place in Hillsborough.

I saw the coolest video on, that highlighted the different classes that Circus Place offers for all ages. Their website encourages all who are interested that it doesn't matter what fitness level or ability you have. They keep stressing that all are welcomed to take classes to learn circus disciplines like trapeze, lyra, acrobatics, and aerial conditioning (where you spin in the air with silk ribbons). They even offer juggling, clowning, unicycle classes and more.

If you're wondering how fitness works into all of this: the video described that the sessions at Circus Place (depending on what circus discipline you study) will build leg muscles, increase hand-eye coordination, and work your core.

A friend of mine mentioned she was interested in taking aerial conditioning classes here, and I was surprised that a place like this existed in the state. I completely forgot about it until I saw the video below that made me remember.

If you want more information you can visit Circus Place's website and check out the video below.

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