A teacher in East Orange New Jersey is being hailed a hero for springing into action to save her 3rd grade student from choking in class!

9-year old Robert was at his desk in his 3rd grade math class on Wednesday just trying to get a sip of water from his bottle. In the video you can see him squeezing the bottle above his widely-opened mouth. But then, the bottle cap shot into his mouth and lodged itself into the back of his throat.

You can see the panic set in as he rushes to the back of the classroom to the sink, where he says he tried to cough it out - but he couldn't.

Seconds later he rushes to the front of the classroom to his teacher JaNeice Jenkins. With wild panic in his eyes, he motions to her that he's choking. At this point in the video you're panicking with him!

And then Jenkins sprung into action and performed the Heimlich maneuver in a classroom full of his nervous, on-looking classmates. Thankfully, it only takes a few moments for her to push the bottle cap back out of his mouth. Lucky for Robert, his teacher was trained in basic first aid and had just taken a refresher course! Just goes to know that you never know when you'll need those skills!

If you haven't seen the intense video, check out the coverage in this video from ABC 7. Also fun fact: the woman reporting this story is my mom! Crazy, right? :)

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