Pennsylvania, we hate to break it to you but people from New Jersey are a lot smarter. reported that a recent study showed that the Garden State is the smartest state. The TV channel proved this study to be true by taking the test to Princeton University.

Fox 29 asked multiple students from Princeton University questions that many people probably wouldn't know the answer to. These people answered the questions with no difficulty.

It was also reported by Fox 29 that in the state of New Jersey 91% of high school students graduate high school, over 20% have a bachelor's degree and the average SAT score is 1090.

Can you really argue that your state is smarter? Probably not.

According to the list that was released by, Pennsylvania lands as the 14th smartest state and New York is the 32nd smartest state.

If you try talking smack about the Garden State just know that they can easily say they have not only the best pizza in the country but now are also considered the smartest state in the country.

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