People say it all of the time, teachers are the real MVP's but are super underappreciated. During these virtual learning times, we are sure it has been even tougher for teachers to get their job done.

According to, some states have protected teachers a lot more than others with better opportunities and teaching environments. New Jersey is one of the states that is actually best for teachers.

Wallet Hub recently did research that was based on 25 key indicators of teacher-friendliness. Overall, the state of New Jersey was the 3rd best state for all teachers. It is good for teachers because of income growth as well as the states having a good digital learning plan to help the teachers.

When it comes to "Opportunity and Competition" New Jersey lands in the 14th spot and takes the 4th spot for"Academic and Work Environment". It is great to know that your children possibly are going to school in a district that is ranked high for teachers.

Even though it is great for teachers in the state of New Jersey, it was also reported by Wallet Hub that the Garden State takes 2nd place when it comes to "Highest Public-School Spending per Student."

Overall just know that New Jersey has the 3rd best overall school system in the country. That is awesome. For those that may be wondering, the state of Pennsylvania took the 5th best state for teachers in the whole country. That is pretty impressive as well!

Just in case you were curious to know New Hampshire is the worst state overall for teachers.


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