Concourse Dance Bar, one of Philadelphia’s most notable hang outs, is going through big changes. Yes, what was once the home of a packed dance floor and bar and even a ball pit is now being changed to be operational in a COVID-19 fueled world.

Owner Avram Hornik and his crew have remade the fifteen thousand square foot building into what he is coining a “sensory experience.” You can still come and club, dance, feel the light and yes, take your pictures until closing time, but only if you do so 6 feet apart!  According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, as long as you make a reservation (which is now required) you can experience everything but the ball pit (which is closed due to “shark sightings”) for only $32.50 per person, plus some additional taxes and fees.

How it works now is, there are four rooms. The first one is a room meant for you to grab a bite to eat, maybe a soft pretzel and a drink. The second one is a lounge area, where you can get a cheesesteak in classic Philly fashion and another drink. And then there is the ice room, in the ice room you can marvel at all the art by Peter Slavin which is all Philadelphia inspired and pass through a hall of mirrors nearby. After that, you get to the “light and sound room” where you can get your third drink and dance in a socially distant manner (the floor will be marked so you can do so safely!) Plus the floors will be marked with yellow boxes to maintain social distancing.

Concourse Dance Bar will be open from 5 to 11 PM Thursday to Sunday, 5 to 6:30 PM if you are under 21.


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