There are so many things I miss about life before the pandemic. I miss going into a store mask free, I used to not be so paranoid about things, Another things we used to do was travel a lot. I haven't traveled anywhere on a plane since my honeymoon two years ago. Since we got married, we've been pretty busy. We bought a house, we got a puppy and our son was born 8 months ago, so there hasn't been any time to travel. We had planned to go away somewhere for our two year wedding anniversary since I was pregnant for our first anniversary last year. But, with the coronavirus pandemic, we are very limited on where we could go, plus, we both don't have the personal time to take to quarantine for two weeks and we are also afraid of bringing germs home to our son. So we've decided to hold off on a vacation where we have to get on a plane until it's a little safer.
Coors Light is now giving five lucky people the opportunity to travel. Where to? Wherever their Zoom background is. Fox News reports, the beer company wants you to upload a screenshot of you and your favorite Zoom background and you may be one of five lucky winners who get sent to wherever that background is. Coors Light has really got it together. People have been watching their Zoom screens and any kind of pictures of places they've wanted to travel to for months now and this is a great opportunity for anyone.

Coors Light promoted the contest on all their social media accounts.


Interested? Head on over to their site and enter. You can enter once a day until October 1st.

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