I am a Costco enthusiast. I can get so many things there at amazing prices. Baby formula, diapers, shampoo, and produce are just a few of the many things I buy there. Some things just made more sense and they are cheaper when you buy them in bulk. I am that crazy person that does google the item first and compare to see the prices, but hey, I like to be frugal and stay on a budget.

Back in March, Costco stopped handing our free samples due to coronavirus concerns and I know people everywhere were very saddened by this news. I know whenever I go to Costco, I avoid the area where the free samples are given out to avoid the crowds. People swarm around those areas for samples and if they are out and they have to be prepared, they stand there and wait for them. I get it, I've grabbed a sample in passing, because a free mozzarella stick is pretty sweet, but I won't stand there and wait, I've got places to go. Anyways, Delish reports Costco is bringing back their free samples, and bringing back some cooking demos, but with a few restrictions to keep everyone safe. So instead of giving out the samples that are cooked and ready to eat in the stores, it seems that Costco will be giving products away for people to try at home.

This is definitely different than what we're used to, but hopefully those free cooked or prepared samples will be back to the old way they used to be given out soon.

For more info, check out this article from Delish.

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