They look like little cheeseburgers made in Willy Wonka's factory. They're just as satisfying as a juicy burger, but these are all sweet.

The last restaurant my wife and I enjoyed before the coronavirus shut the world down was GreenFire on Riverside in Rockford. We went out for something sweet and knew their bakery wouldn't disappoint. We ordered chocolate, vanilla and caramel French macaroons. And, they arrived sitting atop their own individual cloud of fresh made whipped cream. Unbelievably good.

Now, today I see this. These will be coming home with us.

Costco is now selling a 36-pack of French macaroons. shared this photo from Instagrammer @costco_empties

Six rows of six macaroons in six different flavors. They come in lemon, raspberry, pistachio, blood orange, blueberry, and white chocolate. While I've had both a lemon and raspberry french macaroon, I've never had any store bought macaroons. And I'm really looking forward to trying a blood orange.

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