After this morning’s Blind Date Update on Chris & The Crew, we're wondering how neat your date is supposed to be on a date.

As you’ll recall, we met Connor & Allison on Friday morning. Connor was a bit of a neat freak. In fact, he said that one of his exes said she heard the vacuum way too much in their bedroom.

... OUCH!

So, Chris had the perfect match for Connor. Allison is a dental hygienist and she says she's a tidy person. So we hoped that it could work. Listen here to Friday’s show:

When we got him on the phone on Monday, Connor revealed that he was worried by some of the crumbs Courtney made over dinner.

He also mentioned that Allison had a TON of stuff in her car. Why does he even care? What's up with that?

Oh dear.

In the end, it seemed to work out since the two are willing to go out again. So MAYBE Chris is right and they'll find a happy balance to their cleanliness?

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