It's an Alabama love story that has the local internet buzzing right now.

A young Alabama woman by the name of Tia Lewis-Sayles met a guy from Carencro on a dating app and they hit it off almost instantly. After about a month of talking, things were going so well that Tia decided to make the 8-hour drive from Montgomery, AL to meet her boo for the first time.

Once Tia was there, things seemed to go well. She noted how "romantic" her new guy was, holding doors open in the rain and even taking her on a date to the local flea market. She also pointed out how good his cooking was, praising her new Carencro man for his use of spices. To quote Tia: "Louisiana cooking is different."

All in all, Tia had a great time but during her 8-hour drive home, she began to get a gut feeling about her guy, which may have stemmed from a moment during their time together where he mentioned being a certain age in a certain year that didn't add up.

In that exact moment, Tia had forgotten about it, but during her trip home she revisited what he said in her mind which led to a Google search when she got home. When she saw the results, she realized that her love, at first sight, wasn't exactly the man "as advertised." She chronicled the jaw-dropping revelations on her Tik Tok page.

Once people from the Acadiana caught wind of Tia's story, the reactions began to roll in. One of the first mentions of Tia's story came from @CannCannTweetin on Twitter.




While the jokes ran wild on Twitter, everyone seemed to embrace Tia.



Tia was surprised that so many locals showed her love off the strength of her story and shared that she would love to come back and visit the area regardless of the experience she had with her failed blind date. After getting feedback from some of the locals, Tia even took to TikTok to answer a few questions.

So, in the end, Tia let this be a lesson for her to stop meeting people online and to ALWAYS use Google. Hopefully, if all goes well we can get her back down here for Mardi Gras and show her a good time in Lafayette beyond the Jockey Lot.