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Blind Date Update: Was Alex Too Obsessed With Ariana Grande?

Aired: January 27, 2020
Alex tried to throw a pre-GRAMMY party for Shannon to celebrate Ariana Grande's big night. How did she react?

Blind Date: Alex and Shannon

Aired: January 24, 2020
Alex is obsessed with Ariana Grande. So Chris found him someone who loves music as well. Could it be the perfect match?

Is it a red flag if your new man wants to keep your relationship a secret?

Aired: January 23, 2020
Chris' friend is dating a new guy, but he wants to keep their relationship on the down-low for a bit because he's worried about his ex finding out. Is it a total red flag?


CREW'S COURT: She Wants Her Boyfriend To Come to Her Office For Lunch

Aired: January 23, 2020
They both work different schedules, so she wants her boyfriend to come to HER office for lunch every day. And he's NOT into the idea. Who is right?

This App Will Help You Get Over Your Ex on Social Media

Aired: January 23, 2020
Breaking up is hard. So this app will help you clear your ex from your social media.

She's Met a Guy, But She's Moving in 2 Months to North Carolina.

Aired: January 22, 2020
She met a new guy, and they hit it off. But she's moving in two months to North Carolina. Her friends say she should keep seeing the guy. But is it that simple?

Have you ever thrown out something that belongs to your significant other?

Aired: January 21, 2020
Chris threw out one of hubby John's shirts because it had a rip in it, and Dave is appalled at how rude Chris was. Who is right?

Would you rather be called by the wrong name or have somebody admit they forgot your name?

Aired: January 21, 2020
Chris isn't the best with details, so when she recently spent hours calling a part-time colleague by the wrong name.

Is It OK To Date Your Friend's Ex? Or Does it Break Girl Code?

Aired: January 20, 2020
One of Chris' friends ran into another friend's ex. The guy's ex is now married, so can Chris' single friend pursue him or does it break girl code?

Blind Date Update: Emily & Jaxon

Aired: January 20, 2020
When we met Emily on Friday, she said that she would ALWAYS live with her father. So how did Jaxon react to meeting her dad this weekend?

Blind Date: Emily & Jaxon

Aired: January 20, 2020
Emily says she's looking for a guy who will be OK knowing that she's ALWAYS going to live with her dad, and Chris thinks she found the right guy because Jaxon is super family-oriented. Will it be too much for him to handle?

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