When we met Brian on Friday, he revealed he was a pretty successful (and wealthy) guy. So when he came on the air with the Crew, Brian asked us to withhold some of the information about his wealth because he wanted to find someone who liked him for him.

"My friends call it rich people problems, but the truth is if they're just after the money that's not really what I am looking for," he said.

So Chris introduced Brian to Kelly on the air on Friday, and she set up the match. Ultimately, we didn't mention that Brian was wealthy. Here's how it went down on Friday:

So our listeners on our text line and phone lines thought that they could a power couple, but Brian kind of showed off his wealth on their first date.

"This could be a good thing," Brian told us right away on Monday. Unfortunately, Brian kind of revealed his wealthy status before he even met Kelly.

"I really liked the Tesla he pulled up in," Kelly told us. She also revealed that she suspected his outfit was at least a $500 look for the evening.

"I'm thinking he probably did pretty well for himself," she said. "I got that vibe (that he's successful), and honestly... I'm loving that vibe."

So our listeners on our text line and phone lines seemed to think that Kelly may be into him for his money. So we weren't sure if we had to tell Brian that Kelly was after his money.

However, Brian ultimately got tipped off by his friends who were listening to PST this morning, and it got kind of ugly after that point.

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