We look forward to every Monday to find out how our Blind Date worked out, but it seems like we're always in for a surprise. Well, things got a little weird this morning when we heard from Matt and Meredith. Apparently, some drinks were spilled at the bar, so Meredith put out some clothes for Matt back at her place.

Yet, Matt surprised her in his boxers? How did that happen? As you can hear in the video above, apparently there was a little bit of confusion about the clothes.

When we first spoke to the couple on Friday, it sounded like they'd be a good match. Meredith sounded like an easy-going girl, who said she had a lot of fun this summer. Now she may be looking for something a little more serious as "cuffing season" arrives.

Chris thought Matt was the right guy for her, so here's how it went down on Friday:

So our listeners on our text line and phone line seemed to think that they were both just in it for a hookup, but they ultimately agreed to a second date. So maybe Chris got lucky by having good luck with this match? We all know how much she cares about them!

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