Don't be surprised if while you're in Bucks County you run into one of the best teachers in the state of Pennsylvania. According to, Hollie Woodard, a teacher at Council Rock North High School, is one of the finalists for the 2021 PA Teacher of the Year competition.

Woodard is one of the 12 finalists that will be crowned with the Teacher of the Year award. We learned from that Woodard was nominated because of her "advocacy work in dyslexia." Prior to being nominated, Woodard had to get permission to apply and be nominated. mentioned that the Council Rock North teacher had to get approved by the superintendent. Then she had to get a few letters of recommendation from the principal, parents, and a coworker.

On top of all of that also mentioned that Woodard had to submit multiple essays about "focusing on advocating for the utilization of ed-tech and 21st Century instructional strategies to generate personalized learning paths for all students.” also reported that the Council Rock North teacher has been with the district for over 20 years and teaches English, Virtual English, and Critical Viewing.

Best of luck Ms. Woodard. We are rooting for you.

While the Council Rock North teacher is going for her goal to become the 2021 PA Teacher of the Year, other teachers are hesitant to go back to work. reported that a national poll stated that 1 in 5 teachers are unlikely to go back to work when schools happen to reopen. It also stated that 6 in 10 parents say they would rather look into getting their children homeschooled.

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