The weather is getting warmer and I know spring just started, but I am so looking forward to summer! There are so many more things to do and I love being outside and enjoying every single one fo them. Things like wine and food truck festivals make it easy to look forward to the weekends, don't you think? Eating, drinking and enjoying the summer weather is truly the way to spend the season.

According to The Patch, a very popular food truck festival is making it's way back to Newtown, and it's bringing lots of fun and food with it. On June 9th at Council Rock High School North, from 4pm to 8pm is when the Newtown Food Truck Fest is happening and last year's event had 25 food trucks. The really cool thing about this food truck festival is that it's actually a fundraiser for The Newtown Theatre and they get all the proceeds.

Parking is a $10 donation, and there will be a DJ, activities for the kids and of course, lots of choices for food. If you have a food truck and you're looking to get in on this festival, applications are being accepted until April 5th.

This festival sounds like a blast! Mark your calendar now!

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