This is the news your tastebuds have been waiting for.

I just got word Crumbl Cookies Princeton has set a Grand Opening date. Yay!

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The doors will finally be opening to this very trendy and popular shop on Friday, October 14th. Did you hear that?  I'll say it louder...Crumbl Cookies Princeton in Nassau Park Pavillion will be opening October 14th. Hip Hip Hooray! Lol.

In August of 2021 I first got word that Crumbl Cookies would open its very first Mercer County location at the end of the year. But, then I found that permit issues would delay it until spring of this year, 2022.

Well, spring came and went still no Crumbl Cookies. Once the permits finally went through construction crews had to get to work.

It's finally finished and trust me, it will be worth the wait.

It's going to be near Party City. I'm sure you've seen the Coming Soon sign in the window.

If you've never heard of Crumbl Cookies, they're amazing.

Tik Tokers do reviews of Crumbl's Weekly Cookies. Yup, Crumbl changes their flavor lineup weekly, but, don't worry, their famous milk chocolate chip cookie is always on the menu. You'll love it.

On this week's menu: Caramel Apple, Pumpkin Roll, Aggie Blue Mint, Original Featuring Peanut Butter M&M's Candies and stuffed with creamy peanut butter, Classic Pink Sugar and Milk Chocolate Chip. Yum.

Crumbl Cookies is fairly new, with its first shop opening in 2017 out in Utah. They claim to have the best chocolate chip cookie in the world. The cookies have created quite a buzz all over social media.

Get ready. The cookies are huge...big enough to share, or it's totally ok to eat them yourself. But, if you're sharing, they even have a pink cookie cutter to cut it evenly for those you're sharing with.

There's sure to be a line outside on opening day and for a while.

Crumbl's signature pink box can be sent nationwide to the cookie lover in your life. Curbside pickup and catering will also be available.

See you there.

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