There’s nothing better than checking out exactly what’s on the Crumbl Cookie menu for the week on a Sunday. Crumbl Cookie has absolutely taken the world by storm and is growing rapidly in popularity across the United States.

The first store is located in Logan Utah and it opened back in 2017. Just a few years ago, Crumbl completely blew up on TikTok and has been everyone’s obsession ever since.

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You can spot their signature pink boxes from a mile away and now, the famous cookie shop has over 800 bakeries across the country in all 50 states plus other countries outside of the U.S. as well.

Every week, Crumbl’s menu switches up its flavors with its weekly rotating menu. You never know what the week will bring to Crumbl’s menu and that’s truly the beauty of it! Some of their amazing cookie flavors range from their classic chocolate chip to even more insane flavors like Sea Salt Toffee or Brownie Batter.

New Jersey's First Crumbl Cookie Drive-Through Opening in Wayne, New Jersey


If you’re in New Jersey and want to score your beautiful Crumbl Cookies in a fast and efficient way, you have to travel to Wayne, New Jersey.

It was just announced that the first Crumbl Cookie drive-through in the state of New Jersey will be opening soon, but wait, there’s more!

On Friday, June 28th, you’ll also have a chance to score free Crumbl Cookies for a year. If you want to check out the first drive-through Crumbl location in the entire state of New Jersey for its grand opening on June 28th, you can check it out in Wayne, NJ near Alps Road and Hamburg Turnpike!

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