As a kid I always thought I would love cooking when I grew up, but it turns out that I actually hate it! Maybe it’s because I didn’t’ get to cook the way I thought I was going to growing up. Of course, you get to learn a little in middle and high school, but it just doesn’t stick.

Well, recently a Pennsbury School teacher thought it would be a good idea to get kids involved in their culinary skills! Silly Spoons in Newtown Borough just opened and did an amazing demonstration class! Kids got the chance to make s’mores for their “fun-sized” selves.

Renee Hanna has always loved helping kids learn to cook. She even started teaching children in her spare time in 2018 at McCafferty’s Market in Yardley, PA. She told buckslocalnews that “Silly Spoons is all about teaching and inspiring children to love the art of cooking through interactive classes designed to build confidence and to offer endless opportunities for learning and creativity.”

She will be holding these classes monthly and kids will get a full experience of being a chef! They get to use all of the professional chefs tools (like a rolling pin), and even get their own special chef hat!

This seems like such a fun and cool idea. Man, would I would give to be a kid again!

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