You may notice a major difference in your Target stores very soon.

CVS just announced they will be closing down some of their nationwide pharmacy locations inside Target stores.

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The decision comes after the company re-evaluated changing statistics of population, consumer buying patterns, and impending health needs. This, paired with the fact that pharmacy retailers have been increasingly struggling, ultimately is leading to the industry pullback.

When will the CVS pharmacies inside Target close?

CVS Acquires Target's Pharmacy And Clinic Businesses For $1.9 Billion
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Soon! You can expect to see some of them shut down between February and April of this year. Dozens of stores nationwide are expected to see the impact.

Will CVS Close stand-alone locations?

CVS To Shorten Pharmacy Hours Due To Ongoing Pharmacist Shortage
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Unfortunately, yes. It's not just the CVS pharmacies inside Target stores that are suffering. Standalone CVS stores plans on completing the closure of 1,124 stores by the end of 2024, according to Forbes. In the end, thousands of jobs will be cut.

What will happen to my Target/CVS Pharmacy prescription?

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If you currently pick up your prescriptions at a CVS Pharmacy inside a Target, your prescription will be transferred to another nearby CVS if the previous one is closing. Make sure you know where your prescription is being transferred to!

Which CVS Pharmacy Target locations will close?

The company has not disclosed which of the inside pharmacies will be closing. But if you find yours is not there one day, you'll know why.

CVS Pharmacies have been inside Target stores since 2015. Will you be sad to see them go?

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