Oh no. If you're getting married, listen up. David's Bridal on Route 1 in Lawrence Township, near Mercer Mall, is closing its doors for good in April.

I saw a post in a local, private women's Facebook group, letting locals know that the closure is coming soon, so I called the store to find out more.

I was told by an associate that the last day of business will be Thursday, April 21st. The whole David's Bridal chain of stores is NOT closing, it's the Lawrence Township location ONLY, so don't freak out if you have a dress on order. You'll still get the dress of your dreams. The Lawrence store will have all existing orders shipped to the East Brunswick, NJ store, which is only about a half hour north of Lawrence Township. Phew.

You know me. One of the first things that came to my mind was...are there going to be any "Going Out of Business" sales? If yes, it would be a great time and place to stock up on party dresses. When I asked the associate about any upcoming sales she said she hadn't heard of any...yet. As of today, the only closing perk is that you can now purchase anything off the rack.

Not sure if this closure has anything to do with the pandemic and its effect on retail businesses, but, right next door, Catherine's clothing retailer also closed up shop last year, and is still sitting vacant with a "for lease" sign on it.

David's Bridal, known for budget-conscious bridal dresses, is located at 3321 Brunswick Pike in Lawrence Township.


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