Davey Pageviews from Barstool and One Bite Pizza Review is extremely known for his pizza reviews. If you aren’t familiar with him, just know he's not an easy critic. He has gone to many restaurants to rate the pizzas on a scale from 1 to 10. Many viewers of Davey's videos have been telling him to try DeLorenzo's right here in Robbinsville, NJ. The pizza critic finally listened to his fans and made his way to taste the infamous DeLorenzo's tomato pie.

Davey had a few things to say about the tomato pie on his youtube video but one thing he mentioned a few times was that he was getting nervous for the pizza. The workers at DeLorenzo's were taking so many pictures that Davey was concerned the pizza would become “floppy” and not as fresh. He mentioned that that number 1 enemy of a pizza is spending too much time in the box.

After informing the viewers of his concern, the pizza critic had a slice and a half of the pie, really trying to decide what to rate the tomato pie. After much thought, it turned out the pie got a 9.2. WOW.

The One Bite Pizza reviewer is not one to hand out high ratings to any restaurant. In a different youtube video, Davey Pageviews gave 7 Eleven a solid 0.02 rating. Davey doesn't take it easy on anyone when it comes to pizza.

It's great to know that we have some of the best tomato pies extremely close to us.

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