One of the greatest parts about living in New Jersey is how amazing every pizza place is. Even if you order takeout from your least favorite shop, it’s still a million times better than any pizza you’ll get anywhere else!

Being from the New Jersey and New York area, we are very much spoiled with all of the amazing pizzas we have the luxury of choosing from every day.


People always love to argue that the closer you get to New York, the better the pizza gets. While this is somewhat true, there are plenty of amazing pizza shops right here in Mercer County.

Growing up in Mercer County my entire life, I’ve been surrounded by some of the best pizza restaurants in the game. I remember visiting my family in Florida a few times and even the best pizza places down there couldn’t compare to anything we have up here!


Some of Mercer County’s favorites have been reviewed by Barstool Sports’, Dave Portnoy, who travels all over the country to find the best pies.

DeLorenzo's made the list along with Conte’s, being some of Dave’s most highly rated pizzas to date. Mercer County is also home to Papa’s Tomato Pie which is the home of the infamous Mustard Pie.


Even if you aren’t a mustard fan, this pizza is worth the try because it’s that good. Also in Mercer County, Marcello’s is the home of TikTok sensation Sally Slices.

There’s so much amazing pizza to explore right in Mercer County, so that’s why with the help of some Facebook friends, I bring you the top-rated pizza spots in Mercer!

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