Driving safely from one destination to another is something we take for granted each and every day. Driving is one of the most dangerous means of transportation and the most common.

In New Jersey, there are a few roads that tend to see some “action” more than others and are said to be the most dangerous or deadly in the entire state. If you’ve lived in the state long enough, you know that New Jersey drivers are from another planet.


Everyone is “Jersey sliding” along the highways, tailgating each other and of course cursing and horn beeping go right in that category as well. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration did a report on fatal vehicle crashes within a 3-year span in the U.S.

Here’s what the data was saying for New Jersey between the years of 2016 to 2019.

What is the most deadly road in New Jersey?

google maps
google maps

According to the data taken by The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the most fatal road in all of New Jersey is Route-129 which is in the Trenton/Hamilton Township area in Mercer County.

The road itself is only 2.41 miles long yet it has accumulated 7 fatalities in 3 years alone, making it the most dangerous and deadly in the entire state. You would think it would be another road that has more twists, turns, and less street lights, but this is it!

Below are the top 25 most dangerous/deadly roads throughout New Jersey. Buckle up and be safe!

The 25 Most Dangerous Roads in New Jersey

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