I think we all can agree, this pandemic has been rough. Some of us been terrified to go anywhere or see anyone that lives outside our homes. I know, because this was me not too long ago. My husband went out and did all the grocery shopping, and  I did not see anyone in person for months. I have relaxed a tiny bit and I will see some friends who I know are not exposed to a ton of people, but I still do drive up shopping unless a store doesn't have the option, and I try to avoid places with big crowds, I ALWAYS wear a mask in public and I practice social distancing everywhere. It's hard though, my son is 7 months old and sometimes I just need time to unwind.

My friend Candace and I planned to have a girl's day this weekend and we left our kids with our husbands. I kept googling places to go and Working Dog Winery came up in my searches, which is only about 10 minutes from our house. They opened back up on June 20th and it looks like they are doing well.

The website said we could bring our own chairs, but that there would also be seating on their covered patio. We got there and set up our chairs and went inside to get some wine. Due to the pandemic, they aren't doing wine tastings, but you can bring your own glasses or buy ones there for $2 each. We brought our own, got a bottle for each of us and headed back to our chairs. They gave us a bucket of ice for our bottles, but since the sun was hot, and there was room on the patio, we migrated that way. There was live music and the vibe was great. When my friend and I looked out on the lawn, where everyone sits, we realized we are amateurs and didn't realize we could have come with way more than just chairs. Next time we will bring a pop tent and our own food to eat. You're even able to bring your dog on a leash so your best furry friend can enjoy the day with you. There's plenty of room on the lawn to spread out.

So to Working Dog Winery, I just wanted to thank you for a pleasant and safe experience this weekend. It's so important to get out of the house and enjoy ourselves, but to do so safely. My husband wants to come back with me next time and I will definitely bring the rest of my family too.

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