Laurita Winery just announced that Santa and Mrs. Claus will be stopping at their property starting this weekend. They will be there on the weekends until December 20th, because they have to give Santa enough time to get back up to the North Pole and get ready for Christmas. Santa will be outside on the Grove Stage and reservations are required, you can book here.

Okay, so the best part, I think about this Santa experience is what is included. Reservations are $90 for 6 people, that's only $15 a person. AND children 2 and under are not included in that count. You get your own table, which will be socially distanced from others, and your admission includes 4 bottles of wine! With your admission you'll get a bottle of Laurita's riesling, sangria, chocolate therapy and the down the shore white wine. Take it from someone who buys Laurita's wines A LOT, this is a great deal. There will also be Red Pizza Express there to serve you up some delicious carbs. So grab some friends and their kids, designate a driver and head out Laurita. For more info check out their website.

I am a huge fan of Laurita Winery. I went there for my bachelorette party and we had a blast. Their food festivals are the best and their property is just gorgeous. Since the pandemic, they have adjusted to people's comfort levels and started offering curbside wine pick up. We were at my Dad's down in Little Egg Harbor, and ordered the wine when we left and it was ready when we got to New Egypt. So that was maybe 45 minutes and all was ready, paid for and we were on our way home. It's fantastic. I think with the pandemic getting worse and the weather getting colder, that curbside wine pick up will become very popular.

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