I recently saw a TikTok video where someone ordered a tray of half white bread and half wheat bread sandwiches from a Walmart. When the customer picked up the tray with the sandwiches the ordered was messed up because every individual sandwich had literally half white bread and half wheat bread.

We are sure that everyone has had some sort of nightmare when ordering food.

Best Places To Get Hoagie Trays Recommend By Bucks County Residents

Scrolling through Facebook we found a post in the Bensalem Proud Facebook group where a user asked, "Where to get a hoagie tray?"

We are sure that everyone that shared a local hoagies spot is probably naming their personal favorite local spot.

Out of a ton of places that were shared on the Facebook post we picked out some that you may want to get your next hoagie tray from. And like a comment on the post said, always remember, "Support small businesses."

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