Are you thinking about buying a new house? At the moment it seems like the real estate market is hot.

For many of us right now, that perfect house is still a long reach.

It is totally fine to search for that perfect house and visualize yourself living there one day. What would you want in your perfect house? Maybe an indoor pool to be able to go for a swim during the cold New Jersey days or probably that game room you always wanted as a kid.

With This New Hope Indoor Pool You Will Never Miss Summer

We found a house in New Hope that is on the market. This home has both an amazing game room as well as a stunning indoor pool and hot tub. 

This New Hope house also has more bathrooms than it does bedrooms. The $7,995,900 house has 6 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms. Are 11 bathrooms really necessary? 

In the Zillow ad, it is also stated that there is a total of 24 parking spaces. Did we mention that there is also an elevator in the house? 

Okay, enough of this. Take a look for yourself.

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