Hoagies are always a great go-to meal when you have no idea what to eat. Some pickles on the side will make it a little better also.

Pickles can also be a good snack any time of the day but we have a question for you. Would you replace the hoagie bun and use a pickle instead?

To me, that does not sound good at all. It sounds like a bunch of digestive issues for sure.

According to Bucks County Courier Times, a restaurant in Croydon, Pennsylvania has some very interesting hoagies. At this restaurant called Giovanni's Dillicious Pickles the hoagie roll has been replaced by a very large pickle.

We learned from Bucks County Courier Times that this pickle hoagie was on such high demand that "the store already had 400 customers that day when Michael, 31, posted on its Facebook page that it was almost sold out."

The owner, Michael Favoroso, told Bucks County Courier Times that this idea started in 2021 when he was told to give it a try and see where it would go and so far it has been a success.

After the pickle hoagie was promoted on social media people were placing pretty big orders. Bucks County Courier Times mentioned that some people would message the owner saying, "I'll buy four." Michael also said, "It's overwhelming the number of customers I'm getting."

Even though it sounds like it can be a very interesting combination I would give the pickle hoagie a try. Giovanni's Dillicious Pickles is located on Bristol Pike in Croydon, Pennsylvania.

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