According to the Burlington County Times, a developer from North Jersey would like to take existing land in Burlington City and build an indoor water park, a hotel, condos and apartments, shops and restaurants, art galleries and museums, a farmer's market, and a performance area.

The developer, Tom Maoli, has named this project "Burlington Dream," and according to some people, a dream is all it will ever be.  Especially since it would be located in a flood zone near the Delaware River.

Credit: Google
Credit: Google

Even though there are 2 small water parks in or near Burlington County - CoCo Key Water Resort in Mt. Laurel and Sahara Sam's Oasis in W. Berlin - Maoli says his water park would be more similar to the larger Great Wolf Lodge and Camelback Lodge resorts in the Poconos.

The Burlington County Times says that Maoli "declined to comment on his plans for financing the project."

There are many more hurdles to cross before this "dream" becomes reality, but if it does happen, most people agree that it would provide a huge boost to the area's economy.

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