Watch out Crumbl and Insomnia Cookies. There's a new cookie in town....a triple-layer cookie. Whoa.

Phillyburbs is reporting a newer, trendy cookie place has made its way to our area and it's becoming crazy-popular, fast.

It's called Dirty Dough, and let me tell you, these cookies will make your mouth water.

At Dirty Dough, they make "warm super-stuffed cookies." Look at these...

Oh wow.

Dirty Dough's Bucks County location is at The Shops at Valley Square, where Claire's once was.


The cookie shop has a constantly changing lineup, similar to Crumbl.

You can buy a single cookie, a Dirty Four, a Half Dozen, or a Dirty Dozen.

Dirty Dough has "classic" cookie flavors to choose from like Stuffed Chocolate Chip, Brookie (brownie and a cookie), Raspberry Toaster Tart (sugar cookie stuffed with raspberry jam and topped with icing and sprinkles, sort of like a PopTart), The Reverse (a "chocolate peanut butter explosion"), and Cookies n Creme.

There are also weekly cookies.

The menu changes every Friday.

Here's this week's lineup (May 31 - June 7).

Instead of the pink box that we all know, Dirty Dough cookies come in the cutest blue box.

There are only three Dirty Dough locations in Pennsylvania, as of right now. Along with the new Warrington shop, the other two are located in Lititz and Tannersville.

There are currently no Dirty Dough shops in New Jersey. Hopefully, there will be one soon.

Dirty Dough is located in The Shops at Valley Square, 1544 North Main Street, in Warrington.

The hours are Monday - Saturday, 8am - 9pm and Sunday.

Dirty Dough, I'll be there soon.

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