Something that has been really stressing people out during this pandemic is shortages of things that they need. We used to be able to go to the grocery store and get any item we needed, but now due to the panic of the public, we cannot find essential items we need. There have been shortages of toilet paper, disinfecting wipes, hand soap and of course hand sanitizer. Many national companies like Anheuser- Busch, and Tito's Handmade Vodka have stepped up to make some hand sanitizer to help the public and now I've just learned that a local spirits company has made some as well.

According to article on, Sourland Mountain Spirits in Hopewell who produce spirits like vodka, rum and gin just to name a few, have basically halted the production of spirits to now make hand sanitizer. In the article written by My Central Jersey, last week, Sourland Mountain Spirits made and delivered over 2,000 bottles to local hospitals, testing centers and more. They plan on making more and delivering to other people who need it.

Even though they've shifted to hand sanitizer production, they still have all of your favorite spirits at their location in Hopewell and are currently doing curbside pick-up at 20% off. It's available from 9am-5pm seven days a week, and you just give them a call at 609-333-8575, tell them your order, give them your credit card information over the phone and you're good. Then, you just head on over there and get your stuff. I think we need to visit them and show them some support for the good that they're doing.

Check out more information on Sourland Mountain Spirits in Hopewell producing hand sanitizer here.

Kudos to Sourland Mountain Spirits in Hopewell!



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