There is so much bad news in New Jersey and around the country these days.

For this reason, we’re bringing you a good news story about The Garden State.

Slot Tracker conducted a survey on May 25, 2023.

The results yielded that New Jersey is the 7th Best state in America in terms of people who love their boss.

According to Slot Tracker, “New Jersey residents, 64.1% admitted to liking their boss, citing good communication as the primary factor. New Jersey employees are significantly happier with their bosses compared to their neighboring state, Pennsylvania (58%), which ranked 24th among states analyzed,” wrote Slot Tracker.

Here is a Slot Tracker illustration of The Top 10 in America (directly below):

Slot Tracker illustration.
Slot Tracker illustration.

New Jersey is one of the highest taxed states in America. Many consider it to be over regulated, causing New Jersey to consistently score low in many surveys.

But, not in this one. More than 6 in 10 New Jersey workers “love” their boss.

We want to share with you how these results were gathered:

Slot Tracker Methodology:

  1. Slot Tracker sought to discover which states and industries love their bosses the most
  2. A survey was undertaken asking US residents in different states where or not they like their boss, and if so, why.
  3. The results were compiled according to state and industry, and then each of these were further broken down by age and gender. The most common reason for liking their boss was also included.
  4. Any state or industry with fewer than 50 respondents was excluded from the final rankings due to a small sample size

This data was collected on 05/25/2023.


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